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OCTOBER 7 - 9, 2024

Annual Intercity

Leadership Conference

Sponsored By:

 Strengthening connections with South Sound leaders while 

 learning innovative approaches from forward-thinking cities. 

Join us October 7 - 9 for our Aspire Intercity Leadership Conference to study Sante Fe, New Mexico. You will explore new programs and initiatives, and learn how to adapt best practices to meet the growing needs of the South Sound.

We’re excited to bring Aspire to Sante Fe, a vibrant and dynamic city that has a thriving economy, and is home to numerous tech companies, a world-renowned music scene, and a diverse and talented workforce. 

We have put together an exciting, in-depth program designed to introduce you to Sante Fe's projects for workforce development and talent attraction, smart urban growth and economic development, the creative economy, innovative solutions to social issues such as the community first approach for homelessness, infrastructure, and more.

Aspire Sante Fe offers an opportunity for personal growth and the development of strategies to secure the future of our region as an economically vibrant and culturally rich community. It's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Aspire Sante Fe will reinvigorate your commitment to dig deep, compare and contrast, remove barriers, and find collaborative and inclusive solutions to move our region forward!

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